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Sustainable Cookery School in The Gambia

 The first of its kind, our goal is to build and run a total off the grid sustainable cookery school, farm and cafe in The Gambia. Following on from our recent trip there with the brilliant Waste to Wonder and partners, I witnessed the installation of Boar hole wells in schools and villages. This transformed so many lives, there is now enough fresh, safe water for over 12,000 people with more planned.Meeting the fantastic Gambians, I learned so much, they are the most kind and generous people I have ever met, it was then that it occurred to me, when you have absolutely nothing, you become your true self and that is the most beautiful part of a human being. 

For me it's about giving people "the tools" to help themselves out of poverty, throwing money at a problem is not always the answer and in many cases the money doesn't get to actual people that need it.

The Catering school is about teaching people skills that will allow them to work their way out of poverty and also all the communities will benefit.

Starting with the small farm, we will grow enough food/ingredients for 50% of the needs of the school and cafe, the remaining 50% will be purchased from local villages and communities that will give them an income where they can pay school fees and keep their children in education

The Catering school will teach a full curriculum from the basics through too creating great food, both African and European. this will be followed by work placements in Hotels and restaurants across Africa and Europe that will in turn lead to full time employment, but it's not only about the kitchen, with the addition of a cafe we will train front of house staff to serve real customers on a daily basis, and money spent here will go back into the school to cover running costs and lecturers. 

The farm will also be used to train local communities on what and how they can grow on their land to maximise the space but also ensure soil health and better food for all

join our journey and updates and also please consider helping this great project, you can contribute to the link below 

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